The school canteen operates on a daily basis and the Canteen Manager is supported by parent volunteers. Parents who are able to assist in the canteen are asked to contact the Canteen Manager Kate on (08) 8337 2861 or by email Your support will be greatly appreciated.

The canteen encourages healthy eating, selling a variety of food and drinks for recess and lunch which conform to the ‘Right Bite Strategy’.

The canteen is open at recess and lunch time for students to purchase snack foods. Special treat days are held at least once a term.

Students are discouraged from having large amounts of money to spend at the canteen. Parents will receive notification if large notes are received at the canteen.

Ordering of school lunches is via the Qkr! app. Cut off is 9.00am sharp.

Over the counter cashless vouchers are available to be purchased via Qkr!

Special order days are notified via the school Newsletter, with orders placed via the Qkr! app.

Qkr instructions

Instructions how to download Qkr! app

Qkr! FAQ

How to cancel a receipt in the Qkr! app and has my school received my order