How to Enrol


Stradbroke School is a zoned school.

Families must be able to provide ‘adequate proof of residency’ for living in the school zone, for the enrolment registration process to commence. However, living in the school zone may not guarantee enrolment at the school upon initial application.

Please click on this link to find your local zoned school:
Find a school zone or preschool catchment area (

The DfE have provided a link for families to ascertain when their child is due to commence school:


Our Principal’s Tours provide a great opportunity for you to gain valuable information regarding our enrolment process, insights into the curriculum and student learning.

A member of our leadership team will also take you on a short tour of the school facilities and help gain an insight into what makes our school so valued within our community.

Please contact Stradbroke School on 8337 2861 to find out when the next Principal Tour is scheduled.


In the first instance, an Enrolment Register Application form is required to be submitted to Stradbroke School together with additional information regarding ‘adequate proof of residency’ and ‘proof of age’ documentation as outlined below.

If your child will be commencing in Reception, Stradbroke School wishes to advise that Enrolment Register Application forms will only be accepted once your child has commenced Kindergarten or your child has turned 4 years of age.

Download the Enrolment Register Application form

The Enrolment Register Application form and supporting documentation can either be emailed or returned to the Stradbroke School Front Office.

Families must physically reside in the Stradbroke School zone to be automatically eligible to enrol at Stradbroke School.

Some ‘out of zone’ enrolments may be permitted by the Principal, if there is capacity in a year level.
Families residing ‘out of zone’ are welcome to submit an Enrolment Register Application form with the additional documentation, for consideration by the Principal. Parents are advised that a submission does not guarantee acceptance of enrolment at Stradbroke School.

Please note that there are currently limited vacancies in most year levels for 2024 enrolment.


If you RENT your residence – all documents below must be provided:

• A rental agreement that covers the first 12-months of your child’s first year at Stradbroke School.
• A copy of your Bond Receipt, issued by Consumer and Business Services (REISA)
• Current electricity/gas bill: If you have only just connected electricity, please provide a copy of your welcome email from your supplier, showing name, supply address and connection date.
• If a rental agreement does not exist and the family will be residing with a parent or relative who resides in the Stradbroke School zone, a Statutory Declaration must be completed and signed by a Justice of the Peace, stating that the family is committed to residing at the nominated residential address for at least 12 months from the date of enrolment.

If you have PURCHASED your residence – all documents below must be provided:

• A copy of your Contract of Sale (if recently purchased).
• A copy of your recent Campbelltown City Council rates notice or SA Water Bill.
• A current electricity/gas or water bill. If you have recently connected to a utility service, please provide a copy of your welcome email from your supplier, showing name, supply address and connection date.


In addition to the above, we require:
• A copy of Child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
• A copy of your child’s visa documentation (if applicable).


Please also include any Specialist Assessments and/or Reports regarding your child with your Enrolment Register Application form (if relevant).


Registration for 2025 Reception (January and Mid-year Intake) are now open.

Please follow the above directions for ‘What do I need to provide to begin the registration process?’

Office hours for registration are Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Alternatively, all documents can be emailed to: 

Term 1 – 2025
Date of Birth: 1 May, 2019 – 30 April, 2020
Opening Date for Registrations – 18 March, 2024
Closing Date for Registrations – Friday 9 August, 2024

Term 3 – Mid-year – 2025
Date of Birth: 1 May, 2020 – 31 October, 2020
Opening Date for Registrations – 18 March, 2024
Closing Date for Registrations – Friday 9 August, 2024

Students enrolled through a mid-year intake will complete 6 terms of reception.


For all Year 1 to 6 enrolments in the current school year, please contact Stradbroke School on 8337 2861.

For all Year 1 to 6 enrolments in the following school year, please submit an Enrolment Register Application form as per the above instructions.


If you have emigrated to Australia, please provide us with your Visa papers and Visa Number.

If your child has limited oral and written English, there is an expectation that they attend an Intensive English Language program to develop their English proficiency.

The zoned IELC school for Stradbroke School is East Torrens Primary School.

More information (available in different languages) can be found at Support to learn English (

Families holding dependent visas: 500H, 500P, 500S, 500V

Please visit the Department for Education International Education Services website link for further information regarding enrolment.

Stradbroke School will require a copy of the “Letter of Confirmation” from International Education Services to verify enrolment.

International Students

Families wanting their child to register as an International Student, must contact International Education in the first instance. For more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:

International Education Services
Department for Education
PO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001 | GFW, 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: +618 8226 3402 Fax: +618 8226 3655

Please note that Stradbroke School is unable to offer short term enrolment for overseas students.

It is the responsibility of the parents applying for enrolment to be able to verify to the satisfaction of the school that the information provided is true and factual.

If a child is enrolled using false or misleading information (including residential address) the Chief Executive may direct that the child be instead enrolled at another Government school pursuant to section 63(1) of the Education and Children’s Services Act 2019.

Contact Information

Please phone the school on
+61 8 8337 2861  or
+61 8 8337 5349

Our email address is
but a phone call is preferred.