Stradbroke Library

We have a large, well-stocked library that caters for the learning needs of students Reception – Year 6. We are conveniently located in the school, occupying the downstairs western end of the Koonga building. Below is some information and and answers to frequently asked questions about our library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff- Who might help me?

Emma Green, Tali de Lacy and Christina Sapio are the people you will see when you come to the library. We will help you find what you need.
During lunchtimes teachers are on duty 1.00 – 1.40pm and the desk is managed by Library Monitors, a group of Year 6 library monitors 1.00 – 1.20pm.

Opening times – When can I borrow?

Books can be returned and borrowed on any day of the week. We encourage students to access the library as often as they need to. Classes have a weekly borrowing time.


Please check with your child’s class teacher for their weekly borrowing session details. Below is a list of other borrowing and returning opportunities.

Monday – Friday:

Morning 8.30 – 8.50 am
Lunchtime 1.00 – 1.20 pm (Yr 3-6 students only)
After school 3.10 – 3.30 pm

Borrowing limits – How many books can I borrow?

  • Reception – Year 2: 2 books (extra books can be negotiated with library staff or class teachers)
  • Reception – Year 2 students need to use a library bag when borrowing. Generally the rule is no bag, no borrowing.
  • Years 3/4/5 : maximum of 6 books
  • Years 6 : maximum of 8 books

Older students are often required to have a dictionary, maths text book and/or spelling text book on their own borrowing card. Many also have music texts. In these circumstances we negotiate the borrowing limits to ensure students have access to the range of resources they need to complete work required of them.

If a student consistently has overdue or damaged books they will only be able to borrow one at a time until we know they can handle their responsibilities better.

Borrowing process – How do I borrow?

Returning books is as easy as posting them through our returns slot in the front desk. Many teachers also provide a library box in their room in which children can put returns. Class monitors bring them to the library in the morning.When borrowing books you choose the one you want and take it to the front desk. An adult or library monitor will scan your borrowing card, then your library book(s).

Borrowing time limits – How long can I borrow books?

Reception – Year 2: 1 week
Years 3/4/5:    2 weeks
Years 6:        2 weeks

Other resources such as dictionaries and other textbooks have due dates negotiated, usually for the end of the year.

Overdue books – What happens if I forget, damage or lose a book?

The process we follow for overdue or lost books is:


  1. Reminder verbal/note
  2. Overdue note
  3. Contact parent where possible
  4. Account sent asking for payment

We appreciate damaged books being sent back so we can try to mend them. Please do not attempt to mend them at home. If we are not able to mend them then an account may be sent.

Book Care – How should I look after the books I borrow?

Reception – Year 2 children need a library bag to borrow. We encourage other students to use a library bag where possible.Students need to take responsibility for putting their library books in school bags, not left in lockers.Please be aware of drink bottles and lunch boxes in your bag, and make sure they are closed properly to avoid spills and crumbs damaging books.

Searching – How do I find the book I am looking for?

Our computer system uses the Accessit Management  System for managing resources in our library. Students can search our collection from any curriculum computer in the school. Students can also access our system at home where they can share their history with families, manage their overdue books, search the catalogue, make reservations and submit a book review. A link to Accessit is located on the home page of our website under ‘Quick Links’ titled ‘Stradbroke Library Catalogue’. Books from the Premier’s Reading Challenge are identified with coloured dot stickers on their spines.R – 2 has a green dot, Yrs 3 – 5 has an orange dot and Yrs 6 has a yellow dot. The Accessit system identifies the Premier’s Reading Challenge books by marking them with an asterisk.

Library Use – What else can I do in the Library?

The library is open at Lunch Time, 1.00-1.40pm.Students can access books, games, drawing and some craft activities during this time. Library computers may be used for searching the book collection and making reservations.

Holiday borrowing- Can I borrow in the holidays?

We encourage students to borrow during all holiday periods, with the exception of the long break at the end of the year.